2 thoughts on “More theories on how Nast would treat candidate Trump”

  1. That might’ve been apropos if Trump had remained a Jackass Democrat, but once he got a dose of that party and joined the ranks of staunch Republicans like Nast himself, I am sure he would’ve put the News Affilates logos on top of the head of Boss Tweed. He wasn’t that easily fooled by articles like this trying to say political opinion.

    1. Well the parties then hardly resemble the parties now. Nast was clearly a progressive “Radical Republican” what might be considered a liberal Democrat today. I think the point that the DK was making, is regardless of party, Nast called out hypocrisy and in particular did it to the likes of the Republican Blaine. His eye-his pen, rather was on corruption. I do agree, I see Nast implementing logos of Fox News. OAN, etc rather than a donkey or elephant, as they might be construed to be the loci of political power. Studying him as I have done, I don’t feel he would be aligned to be sympathetic toward Trump, not because of party affiliation, for I feel Trump has created his own ideology under the banner of Republicanism, but rather because of behavior. Nast was particularly keen to call out the merging of church and state, waters that have since been quite muddied and which factor into political decisions.

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