Introducing Cartoon Corner

At the suggestion of many, occasional posts on this website will feature contemporary political cartoons and a discussion about them.

I consider this website an academic one, and have steered away from voicing my political positions on what has been a very unusual, if not contentious 2016 political year. Whatever one’s political positions might be, it is certainly a season for some fascinating creative work. In studying Mr. Nast over the past decade, I admittedly admire his artistic ability, techniques of ridicule, and at times, his political positions.

This site does feature occasional modern cartoon discussions where a new work can directly compare with Thomas Nast, or when similarities of modern work echo a technique or theme that Thomas Nast used. Those few examples:

This website will feature a new post category “Cartoon Corner” where select political and editorial cartoons selected for their:

  • Cleverness or effectiveness.
  • Originality
  • Similarity to Nast as an artist. Does the cartoon or caricature echo Nast in some manner?
  • Similarity to themes or topics addressed by Nast

Analysis of the cartoons will include this criteria and of course, offer a subjective examination dependent upon knowledge of Nast and  knowledge of the cartoon and political genre. Any analysis of any cartoon will endeavor to illuminate  the artistic merits of an illustration or caricature and evaluate its effectiveness in getting to a point or shaping opinions. Opinions about the art will not necessarily reflect political opinions of the author(s). One can call a cartoon technique “brilliant” but totally disagree with the message.

Guest bloggers are most welcome to contribute submissions and essays. Comments on posts are welcome!

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