Chinese Cartoons – Timeline

The following chronological list of Nast’s Chinese-themed cartoons is provided courtesy of John Adler and Robert Kennedy of

Adler wrote, “Attached are two lists of Thomas Nast’s cartoons in Harper’s Weekly which my HarpWeek historian, Dr. Robert C. Kennedy, indexed under Chinese-Americans (26) and Chinese Exclusion (26). There are 8 common to both categories, leaving 44 net.”

To the list provided I added two cartoons drawn on Feb. 12, 1881 and March 27, 1886 not included in Adler’s list. I have also added Nast’s famous “The American River Ganges” for while it is not about Chinese issues, it does feature a Chinese youth in the the context of New York public school education.

To offer a contrasting view of the Chinese, selections from San Francisco artist George F. Keller are provided. Click here>>> To see selected anti-Chinese cartoons drawn by George Frederick Keller for The San Francisco Illustrated Wasp.

Unless otherwise noted, all images included in this website were personally scanned by Michele Walfred from the collection from the University of Delaware. These scans are offered to the public domain and may be reproduced. Attribution to this website is appreciated.

Date of Harper’s Weekly Issue –  Title of Cartoon

5 thoughts on “Chinese Cartoons – Timeline”

  1. I can this whole list actually great for a thesis on discriminatory attitudes in the 19th century with the Chinese immigrants to North America….probably Australia it was like this too…

    1. Thank you! Not sure why that happened but I appreciate you letting me know. It’s been relinked! ~Michele

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Thomas Nast's cartoons of Chinese Americans

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