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Caricature’s searing ability to stun

The New Yorker, famous for its illustrated magazine covers, an honor and position Nast frequently attained at Harper’s Weekly, recently published a cover about the Trump Administration’s reaction to the Coronavirus controversy, and in particular, the president’s personal handling of the crisis.

This website is not political, however, political art and cartoons offer important commentary on current political events and issues. The Washington Post recently reviewed The New Yorker’s cover and talked to political artists about how they conceptualize and articulate criticism of the current president through their images. The article includes other artists’ variations on the theme of a mask being used as a blindfold.

Nast was a master of searing commentary. He used several techniques against William M. “Boss” Tweed, who while not a president, was a prominent political leader of his day, that were searing and stunning in their delivery. These images made Nast famous, and Tweed infamous. One Nast image comes to mind, “The Brains.”

Washington Post’s commentary is included here for its attention to the effectiveness of political art and the motivations and inspirations of the artists. As such, it is appropriate to include in this website.